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 Nastanak New Ravea

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PostSubject: Nastanak New Ravea   Sun Jul 05, 2009 10:40 pm

New Rave is a term applied to several types of music that go from fusing elements of electronic, rock, indie[43], to techno[citation needed], hip house, electro[citation needed], breakbeat[citation needed]. In Australia, it is also known as Electrindie[citation needed].

Klaxons,Trash Fashion, New Young Pony Club, Hadouken!, Late of the Pier, Test Icicles, Bono Must Die and SHITDISCO are generally accepted as the main exponents of the genre.

The aesthetics of the New Rave scene are largely similar to those of the original rave scene, being mostly centred around psychedelic visual effects. Glowsticks, neon and other lights are common, and followers of the scene often dress in extremely bright and fluorescent colored clothing. Indeed, many consider New Rave to be defined more by the image and aesthetic of its bands and supporters, than by the somewhat vague sonic criteria. Trash Fashion lead singer, Jet Storm has been described as the scenes very own pin up. . Nevertheless, the usage of electronic instruments, a musical fusion of rock and dance styles, and a particular anarchic, trashy energy are certainly key elements.
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Nastanak New Ravea
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