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 The Replacements

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PostSubject: The Replacements   Sat Aug 01, 2009 6:14 pm

The Replacements were an American rock band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1979. The band was composed of guitarist and vocalist Paul Westerberg, guitarist Bob Stinson, bassist Tommy Stinson, and drummer Chris Mars for most of their career. Following their critically acclaimed 1984 album Let It Be, the band signed to Sire Records and became one of the first American underground rock bands to sign to a major record label. After Bob Stinson was fired in 1986, the band experienced several line-up changes; Slim Dunlap joined as lead guitarist and Steve Foley replaced Chris Mars in 1990. Towards the end of the band's career, Westerberg exerted more control over their creative output. The group disbanded in 1991, with the members ultimately pursuing various projects. The Replacements never experienced any significant commercial success but have influenced a variety of alternative rock acts.

The Replacements' music was influenced by classic rock artists such as Faces, Big Star, Badfinger, and The Box Tops as well as punk bands such as The Clash and The Jam. Unlike many of their underground contemporaries, the Replacements played "heart-on-the-sleeve"[1] rock songs that combined Westerberg's "raw-throated adolescent howl,"[2] with self-deprecating lyrics. The Replacements were a notoriously wayward live act, often performing under the influence of alcohol and trashing their instruments. They credit the Twin Cities founding punk band The Suicide Commandos as being their inspiration to become rock musicians.

The Replacements' history began in Minneapolis in 1978 when a nineteen-year-old Bob Stinson gave his eleven-year-old brother Tommy Stinson a bass guitar to keep him off the streets.[3] That year Bob met Chris Mars, a high school dropout. With Mars playing guitar and then switching to drums, the trio began covering songs by Aerosmith, Ted Nugent and Yes[4] without a singer.[5] One day, as Paul Westerberg, a janitor in a Senator's office [citation needed], was walking home from work, he heard a band playing in the Stinsons' house.[6] After being impressed by the band's performance, Westerberg regularly listened in after work. Mars knew Westerberg and invited him over to jam; Westerberg was unaware Mars drummed in Dogbreath.


Studio albums

* Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash (1981)
* Stink (1982)
* Hootenanny (1983)
* Let It Be (1984)
* Tim (1985)
* Pleased to Meet Me (1987)
* Don't Tell a Soul (1989)
* All Shook Down (1990)


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The Replacements
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