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 New Young Pony Club

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PostSubject: New Young Pony Club   Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:33 pm

New Young Pony Club are a five piece rock band from London, England, containing members from London, Hereford, Cambridge, Bromley and Kiev in Ukraine. Taking influences from post-punk and New Wave.

New Young Pony Club are influenced by many different bands and acts, and try not to risk becoming too close to the sound of any one other band. [2] Their own take on their music is "We marry the dance ethic with the pop ethic, and make something that you can dance to and sing along to".Mutual friends introduced now London-based vocalist Tahita Bulmer and producer Andy Spence, who shared a love of punk rock and dance music. The founding pair began writing together, originally only for Bulmer to perform. Spence later assumed a larger role when they decided to form a proper band, so the duo recruited the single-monikered Lou (keyboards), Igor Volk (bass), and Sarah Jones (drums). [4] The band formed in 2005 [5], and released two limited edition 7" singles ("The Get Go" and "Ice Cream") on indie label Tirk Recordings [6] before being discovered by more established Australian label Modular Recordings, and signing a worldwide deal.

The band's name came from lead singer Bulmer's desire to be part of a club or team at school. Her original idea for the band name was the more concise "Pony Club", which she describes as "quirky and kinky and fun". A pre-existing Irish band had already claimed the name, and the prefix "New Young" was added to reflect that the band are "a newer, younger and kinkier Pony Club".The band has enjoyed success in their early years. Their highest chart placing for a first release was number 47 for second official single "The Bomb", though a re-release of "Ice Cream" reached number 40. They put their lack of chart success down to not having the "desire to make really radio friendly singles", but also claim that they "don't want to be the biggest band in the world".[2][8] New Young Pony Club have been successful in Australia, the home of their label, where they have received airplay on radio station Triple J.

The band's song "Ice Cream" got very wide play in 2009 as a 30 second soundtrack for the TV and Internet advertisement for the Cube Mobile Device from the Nissan car company.


* "Get Lucky" (20 March 2006)
* "Ice Cream" (18 September 2006)
* "The Bomb" (19 March 2007) UK #47
* "Ice Cream" (2 July 2007) (re-release) UK no. 40
* "Get Lucky" (29 October 2007) (re-release)


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New Young Pony Club
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