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 Test Icicles

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PostSubject: Test Icicles   Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:42 pm

Test Icicles were a short-lived dance punk band that formed in England, primarily influenced by indie rock but containing musical elements from a variety of genres (notably hip-hop, crossover thrash and punk). The band was formed in 2004 by Rory Attwell and Sam Mehran, who were later joined by Devonte Hynes. Hynes and Mehran were both only 18 years old at the time of the band's conception.

According to the group's record label (Domino Records), the name "Test Icicles" is not derived from the word "testicles", but rather from a practice of early man, involving the "testing" of icicles for their strength and fitness for use as weapons.[citation needed] However, this is extremely debatable and is probably an example of the band's surreal humour, seeing as a previous incarnation of the group (featuring Mehran, Atwell and Semifinalists' Ferry Gouw) was named "Balls".

Prior to forming the band, Atwell, Hynes and Mehran (all of whom shared vocal and guitar duties) had met each other through mutual friends. The trio's preference for the same nightspots (such as the Afterskool night club, in London) also led to frequent meet-ups. All three members of the group were involved in numerous, short-lived musical projects before the forming of Test Icicles;some of these taking shape only as songs posted on various Myspace music profiles (such as Mehran's DANGEROUSDUDE output). Hynes and Mehran continued this trend throughout the existence of Test Icicles with the NLS_Crew, a collective founded by the pair and whose most prominent output was a remix of Death from Above 1979's "Black History Month" single (which is available on DFA 1979's Romance Bloody Romance). According to the NME, Domino had signed Test Icicles near sight-unseen. This probably explains the label's surprise and suggested re-working of initial album material completed by the band. In 2005 the group went to France with Simian Mobile Disco producer James Ford to record their debut album For Screening Purposes Only.

Following the release of the album (on 31 October 2005) the band toured the United States with Art Brut before returning to Europe for additional performances.


* For Screening Purposes Only (31 October 2005) #69 UK
* "Boa vs. Python" (1 August 2005) #46 UK
* "Circle. Square. Triangle" (24 October 2005) #25 UK
* "What's Your Damage?" (16 January 2006) #31 UK #17 UK indie singles charts [3]
* "Boa vs.Python (Grime Remixes) (27 February 2006)
* "Totally Re-Fucked" (6 March 2006) #133 UK
* "Dig Your Own Grave" (24 April 2006)


"Tetka jesi videla negde moje svecano odelo?"
"Pa pojeli ga moljci"
"Celo odelo???"
"Ta gamad kad navali,ne zna da stane"
"A dugmad?"
"Dugmad su sigurno prodali"
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Test Icicles
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