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 Paul Revere & The Raiders

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PostSubject: Paul Revere & The Raiders   Wed Jul 08, 2009 8:38 pm

During the 1960s and early '70's, Paul Revere & The Raiders sold records in astonishing numbers, second only to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, appearances in hundreds of TV episodes, Teen Magazines, sold out shows & much more!
Paul Revere and The Raiders were discovered in Portland, OR by then Kisn DJ Roger Hart. It was Roger Hart that took The Raiders under his wing and became their Personal Manager (Hart rivaled Beatles manager Brian Epstein & was the first to produce "Louie, Louie" with songwriting credits for "Just Like Me"). Ruling the Northwest among other great acts such as rivals The Kingsmen, The Wailers, and The Sonics, Paul Revere and The Raiders took off. It was their Manager Roger Hart who suggested that they record "Louie, Louie", which got the attention of Columbia Records and then Dick Clark, and went to Number 1 in the West and Hawaii.
Paul Revere and The Raiders literally became household names. Each member had their own musical talent and personality, quickly becoming Teen Idols along with their Hit Music. Leading the group was Paul Revere (Vox, Keyboards), lead singer Mark Lindsay, Phil "Fang" Volk (Bass), Guitarists Drake Levin and Jim "Harpo" Valley (Valley replaced Levin when drafted, then Levin returned to PR&R), and Mike "Smitty" Smith (Drums). Rounding out The Raiders in the late '60's was Keith Allison on Bass, Freddy Weller, Joe Correro Jr. & Charlie Coe. Each member contributing to the extreme success of Paul Revere and The Raiders!
The Raiders had an amazing group of producers to publicists, both Terry Melcher (Doris Days' Son) who produced the majority of PRandR music along with lead singer Mark Lindsay, and Beach Boy Bruce Johnston. The Raiders Manager Roger Hart was able to get Publicist Derek Taylor from The Beatles to act as The Raiders Publicist as well as for The Beach Boys and The Byrds.
From there it became Rock n' Roll history!
Paul Revere and the Raiders were the first rock group to be signed with Columbia Records.
In 1965-1966 Paul Revere and the Raiders were featured on the ABC TV five-day-a-week network show "Where the Action Is" produced by Dick Clark. Paul Revere and the Raiders appeared on over 520 "Where the Action Is" network episodes on ABC. In 1968 & 1969 Paul Revere co-hosted a weekly ABC series, "Happening". Paul Revere also co-hosted a five-day-a-week summer show, "It's Happening '68". History has shown that Paul Revere and The Raiders were the most heavily media publicised American group of the entire 1960's.
Paul Revere and The Raiders were also guests on these shows to name a few: Ed Sullivan Show, The Tonight Show, Hullalaboo, Smothers Brothers, Batman (Penguin runs for Mayor), Hollywood Palace, American Bandstand & American Bandstand Special (1979) & more!
The group has performed thousands of concerts in North America, Europe and Asia.
Paul Revere and The Raiders have sold an amazing 50 million records! In the summer of 1971 The Raiders' recording of "Indian Reservation" sold 4+ million singles, making it the biggest selling record for Columbia Records in 10 years. The Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame puts The Raiders' hit song, "Just Like Me" as one of the top 500 songs that shaped Rock n' Roll music. Groups and artist's like Pat Benetar, The Who, The Circle Jerks, David Bowie, The Smithereens, Sammy Hagar, Adam Ant, The Flamin' Groovies & many more covered the music & hits of Paul Revere & The Raiders.
Paul Revere and the Raiders have had 21 consecutive hit singles. Some of which include:
Like Long Hair, Great Airplane Strike, Louie, Louie, I'm Not You Steppin' Stone, Good Thing, Steppin' Out, Ups and Downs, Just Like Me, Him or Me, Kicks, Indian Reservation (Lament of the Cherokee people), Hungry, Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon, Let Me, Birds of a Feather.
Paul Revere and The Raiders are currently on tour in 2007. Paul Revere leads his Raiders, though not the original Raiders that made the hits, the current Raider line up have been Raiders for over 25 years and still perform hundreds of sold out shows yearly. Paul Revere's Raiders are Doug Heath (Lead Guitar), Ron Foos (Bass), Daniel Krause (Keyboards/Piano), Darrin Medley (Lead Vocals) and Matt Fasekas (Drums).
Now through October 2009, Paul Revere & The Raiders are headlining at the Moon River Theater in Branson, with Righteous Brother Bill Medley!

* Like, Long Hair -- Gardena LP-G 1000 -- 1961
* Paul Revere and the Raiders -- Sande S-1001 -- 1963
* Here They Come (BB #71, CB #71) -- Columbia CL 2307 (Mono)/CS 9107 (Stereo) -- 1964
* Just Like Us (BB #5, CB #6) -- Columbia CL 2451/CS 9251 -- 1965
* Midnight Ride (BB #9, CB #9) -- Columbia CL 2508/CS 9308 -- 1966
* In the Beginning -- Jerden JRL-7004 -- 1966
* The Spirit of '67 -- (BB #9, CB #6) -- Columbia CL 2595/CS 9395 -- 1966
* Paul Revere and the Raiders Greatest Hits (BB #9, CB #6) -- Columbia KCL 2662/KCS 9462 -- 1967
* Revolution! (BB #25, CB #20) -- Columbia CL 2721/CS 9521 -- 1967
* A Christmas Present ... And Past (BB Christmas Charts #10) -- Columbia CL 2755/CS 9555 -- 1967
* Goin' to Memphis (BB #61, CB #71) -- Columbia CL 2805/CS 9605 -- 1968
* Something Happening (BB #122, CB #69) -- Columbia CS 9665 -- 1968
* Hard 'N Heavy (with Marshmallow) (BB #51, CB #37) -- Columbia CS 9753 -- 1969
* Two All-Time Great Selling LP's (BB #166) -- Columbia GP 12 -- 1969
* Alias Pink Puzz (BB #48, CB #54) -- Columbia CS 9905 -- 1969
* Paul Revere and the Raiders Featuring Mark Lindsay -- Harmony KH 30089 -- 1970
* Collage (BB #154, CB #75) -- Columbia CS 9964 -- 1970
* Good Thing -- Harmony KH 30975 -- 1971
* The Raiders Greatest Hits, Vol II -- Columbia C 30386 -- 1971
* Indian Reservation (BB #19, CB #26) -- Columbia C 30768 -- 1971
* Movin' On -- Harmony KH 31183 -- 1972
* Country Wine (CB #104) -- Columbia KC 31196 -- 1972
* All Time Greatest Hits (BB #143, CB #136) -- Columbia KG 31464 -- 1972
* Special Edition Featuring Michael Bradley (Raider) 1982
* Great Raider Reunion (ERA) 1983
* Paul Revere Rides Again (Hitbound) 1983
* Generic Rock Album 1984
* Still Live 1984
* The Legend Of Paul Revere -- Columbia/Legacy 45311 -- 1990
* Spirit of '67 (Sundazed SC 6095) 1996
* Revolution! (Sundazed SDZ 6096) 1996
* Something Happeneing (Sundazed SC 6097) 1997
* Just Like Us! (Sundazed SC 6127) 1998
* Midnight Ride (Sundazed SC 6135) 2000
* Goin' To Memphis (Sundazed SC 6136) 2000
* Hard 'n' Heavy (with marshmallow) (Sundazed SC 6137) 2000
* Mojo Workout (Sundazed 11097) 2000
* Alias Pink Puzz (Sundazed SC 6138) 2001
* Something Happening (Repertoire) 2001
* Ride to the Wall (Rhino) 2001
* Hard 'N' Heavy (Repertoire) 2003
* Ride to the Wall Vol. 2 (Rhino) 2005
* Anthology Kicks! 1963-1972 2005

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Paul Revere & The Raiders
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